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UW Dr. Michael Gelb: Saving Babies Through Chemistry

The University of Washington selected Dr. Michael H. Gelb to give the annual University Faculty Lecture Jan. 23, 2018. He’ll discuss his research passion toward helping infants born with lysosomal storage diseases. As part of the presentation, Dr. Gelb is also hosting round-table discussions with scientists, parents and others before his evening lecture.

UW Professor Gelb is the Boris and Barbara L. Weinstein Endowed Chair in Chemistry and adjunct professor of biochemistry. He’s also unconventional, quirky and a bit hard to get him conversing on topics other than newborn screening, lysosomal diseases and his wind-blowing pastime. This I learned when I first met him at the Dr. Paul Fernhoff lecture at Emory University last fall. He instantly reminded me of my father, Dr. Robert Guthrie. I’m glad to have finally met Prof. Gelb in Atlanta! (and not Seattle, where we both live) and honored to be attending his lecture. Fair Winds!

This link includes a very good Q & A with Dr. Gelb.

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